Word On The Curb is…Eatin’ Crow Ain’t Too Bad, huh Uncle Snoop? [AUDIO]

Photo Credit Snoop Dogg Instagram

Long story short, word on the curb is:

Snoop Dogg got checked (or maybe reminded) by his mama that you can’t threaten a woman (a black woman, especially) on a public platform out of emotion. Snoop formally apologized to CBS anchor, Gayle King for his rant and threats last week after Gayle received backlash for an interview with WNBA star, Lisa Leslie about the late Kobe Bryant and the past sexual assault allegations.

Snoop said he had a change of heart thanks to his mother and apologized for his hurtful words. Word on the curb is, Auntie Gayle accepted his apology.

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Colin Kaepernick
Photo Credit: Fox News,

You know you pissed some people off when you can’t even get a job with the XFL! Colin Kaepernick tells the media he still wants to play football. This year, after his failed attempt to win the hearts of coaches and owners of the NFL with a private tryout that went terribly wrong, there were reports the former SF 49er quarterback was denied consideration from the XFL. Word is, the owners just can’t afford him. It’s reported Kaep’s salary demands were to “exorbitant”. Do you believe them? Click here for the full

Toni Braxton
Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Grammy Award winner, Toni Braxton hints on social media that she might have some new music on the way. Adding a subtle caption “wait for it” giving fans hope that she’s on her way to releasing new music for 2020! Will you wait for it? Click here for the full story.

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