Word On The Curb is…James Brown Might Have Been Murdered! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is there are rumors that James Brown was possibly murdered according to a close friend or acquaintance who claims they have a bin filled with evidence. The phathologist declared the Godfather Of Soul’s death was from a heart attack and fluid in his lungs. Investigators are looking inContinue reading “Word On The Curb is…James Brown Might Have Been Murdered! [AUDIO]”


Word On The Curb Is…Jussie Thought We Forgot [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is Jussie thought we forgot, Romeo might have quit Growing Up Hip Hop and Gabrielle Union might be reaching with this one!

Word On The Curb Is…There’s A Nipsey Hussle Doc in the Works [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is…
Blac Chyna pulls race card, Nipsey Hussle documentary in the works, DWade speaks about daughter Zaya, and the stripper who fell off 15 ft. pole, speaks out!

Word On The Curb Is…Jay Z Said Sitting Isn’t Protesting! It’s Sitting…[AUDIO]

Long stroy short, Jay explains, 50 Cent wins, Kevin Hart isn’t being sued (this time) Read more here.

Word On The Curb Is…Azriel’s Tuning Lemons Into Lemonade [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is…

The NBA World Lost A Legend [VIDEO]

I remember taking my younger brother to see Kobe when he played at the McDonald’s All American basketball classic here in Pittsburgh. He was only in high school at the time but since then, I was amazed at his talent.