This Radio Chick Rocks with Paige Mitchell [VIDEO]

Paige Mitchell, Founder/CEO, Front Paige News

I can’t remember the first time I met Paige Mitchell. Actually, I have no memory on our first encounter and that’s ok.

From whenever that first day was that I met this young lady, every time has always been warm, welcoming, and sisterly. I tell her all the time (at least I think I do) that if I were ever to consider comedy, she would definitley have to be in the audience because she laughs at my jokes. (yes, even the corny ones. She’s a keeper)

Paige is a media chick’s media chick! She embraces every inch of the word and works hard in this male-dominated, ever-changing, overly and social-media saturated industry. One minitue, she’s sitting right next to you at a movie premiere in Pittsburgh and the next day, you find her on Instagram posting video from a red carpet event in New York!

That’s what she does! She’s everywhere! And she never complains about it! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Paige upset or heard her complain about anything. She has the most positive attitute and the biggest heart! She’s super cool.

She’s a freelance writer, marketing and promotions exec, PR agent and now the founder and CEO of her own entertainment magazine, Front Paige News.

Paige joined The Hey Girl Hey Podcast this week to talk about how the recent pandemic of the COVID19 crisis changed her entire world. From traveling, booking events for clients and the future of her entertainment magazine.

I wanted to know more so I asked her to join me for a sit down on ThisRadioChickRocks and she graciously agreed.

Check out my one on one with Founder/CEO, Front Paige News, Paige Mitchell:

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