Word On The Curb Is…Kylie Jenner Is Still Winning [AUDIO]

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Presidential race Forbes Names Kylie Jenner “Self Made Billionaire” for a Second Year ‘90210’ star Tori Spelling TRIED to Make Some Extra Coin…but failed Aretha Franklin‘s Former Fiance and Road Manager Dies from the Coronavirus Clinton/Lewinsky Whistle blower On Death Bed…Lewinsky Responds


E Report: Kylie’s Rich, Travis Is Smart & Kanye Barred! [AUDIO]

In today’s E Report, we find out our life choices may not have been the best especially after reading about reality star and cosmetic leader Kylie Jenner was recently named Youngest Billionaire EVER; blowing out Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg (only by $2 Billion though) Travis Scott is NOT STUPID at all! He’s making every effortContinue reading “E Report: Kylie’s Rich, Travis Is Smart & Kanye Barred! [AUDIO]”