Word On The Curb Is…Kylie Jenner Is Still Winning [AUDIO]

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Presidential race Forbes Names Kylie Jenner “Self Made Billionaire” for a Second Year ‘90210’ star Tori Spelling TRIED to Make Some Extra Coin…but failed Aretha Franklin‘s Former Fiance and Road Manager Dies from the Coronavirus Clinton/Lewinsky Whistle blower On Death Bed…Lewinsky Responds

Word On The Curb Is…Public Enemy Fired Flava Flav! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is the legendary hip hop group, Public Enemy decided their hypeman Flava Flav shouted his last shout in the name of PE! This allegedly happened over a dispute Flav had with Senator Bernie Sanders who apparently used a “likeness” in an advertisement or some form of invite forContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Public Enemy Fired Flava Flav! [AUDIO]”