This Chick Is Making Big Moves: One on One w/ Lil’ D!!!


I honestly don’t think Lil’ D and I met but you would think we went to school together the way we talk on social media and what not.

She and I connected when I heard her aircheck (an audio sample of your talent used primarily for media) on some website. I really can’t remember, but I do know I was amazed at this girl’s talent. Her delivery, her sense of humor and her quick wit was something that I thought would be a good add to the station I was working for in Pittsburgh.

The program director thought she had a lot of talent but he wasn’t ready to recruit anyone at the time. We stayed in contact and I watched this radio chick grow from Louisiana, to Cleveland and now Columbus, Ohio; which she recently announced to the world! Congrats by the way!

So, here she is! Morning show co-host/producer and night show on air talent for  Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio! Here’s her story:


lil d 3

How long have you been in the radio business? 10 years

Who helped you get your start in radio? I won these freestyle contests on the night show in Shreveport, LA, with the then-night jock, Jay Tek. When I got to college, he simply called me and said “Hey, you wanna be on my show?” I said “I guess so.” And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Are females harder to get along with in radio? YES. And it’s because women are naturally more emotional than men, so it’s hard for a lot of women to support each other. Think about it: this is a very sexist business, and it can make a woman very insecure. Put an insecure woman next to a woman who exudes confidence, and problems will stir. I wish women got along more; we could conquer the world!


photo 1 (6)

Do you think it’s a lot of competition? Absolutely. When it’s your job to be the star, and you work with people who have the same job description, naturally you’re going to compete. As long as it’s healthy and promotes self-improvement, I encourage it.


What is your LET IT GO song? (one that you would absolutely lose your mind listening to) It’s old, but still has me going. Chamillionaire and Paul Wall “In Love With My Money.” Classic Houston.


lil dee 10

You’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, was there ever a time you had an uncomfortable celebrity interview/encounter where it went terribly wrong? Describe. 

February 2012, I interviewed Mystikal. He had just gotten out of jail not too long before, and he was saying that the people may not embrace him anymore, because it doesn’t take long for people to forget about you. I said “that’s true, look at Lil Kim.” Everything got quiet….apparently, they’re friends in real life. I bounced back and the interview was cool, but his manager made sure to call me and ask me to not put that part in the video after I edited.


Who was the best celebrity encounter and why? Flo-Rida, hands down. I interviewed him for the Toledo Free Press Star in 2010, and he was so incredibly polite and humble. What I remember the most is his story; he was homeless at one point, but remained positive and never lost sight of his dream. I wound up in that same position a year after that interview, and I remembered what he said, so everyday I remained thankful for the things I did have. And now I’m in a better position than I’ve ever been in.


What don’t people get about music when it comes to radio? Playing all local music will not help the ratings!! Just because you have a song that your cousins and everyone in your neighborhood loves, it doesn’t mean it belongs on radio. We’re the last stop, not the first. How much is that ONE spin on that ONE station that ONE time going to help your career….? Touch the people, get the money, then get the radio.


photo 4

Who do you most admire in the radio industry and why? I have a crazy amount of respect for Charlamagne Tha God. Not only do I study him, from his on-air antics, to his tweets, and the way he remains “Charlamagne” at all times, but I appreciate him. I randomly tweeted one day in 2009 that he was one of the best to do it. He thanked me, I sent him a DM and asked him to listen to my aircheck, and he’s been a mentor ever since. He critiques my airchecks, vouches for me to PD’s, and gives me great advice. This is a man doing everything I want to do in this business, and he’s helping me?? That means a lot.

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

I interviewed Lil Duval twice. He remembered me the second time, and I was in a better position at the station. He said to me, “a gimmick may get you in, but your talent keeps you there.” He was right.



What was the craziest question you ever asked a guest that made you feel awkward asking?

I once asked Adrian Marcel what his favorite brand of condom was. When you have a song that says “It’s 2am, I want it girl,” I want to know exactly what this girl is getting herself into. He answered with no hesitation (magnums), and I had no idea what to say, because I didn’t think he was going to really answer it.

If given the chance, I’ve always wanted to try: (fill in the blankGo to the rainforest. I’m terrified of snakes (like….terrified), but I love nature so much, and I would love to go. As long as I know I won’t die.


photo (11) (LilDOnAir and Adrian Marcel) 

What’s the biggest misconception about women in radio?

We’re only two types: super pretty with no talent, or unattractive and talented. My radio sisters are beautiful women who hustle in heels or Jordans, and get the job done just as well (or better) as any man. You might catch me lowkey at Starbucks until 2am editing video, in a hoodie and Chuck Taylors, then see me the next night in a BAD dress and shoes you’re jealous of. We’re versatile. A Jane of all trades.


A message to Radio Chicks everywhere, what do you wish we would do MORE of? I want women in radio to stick together. We have the power to do so much in this business, and while I know we all want to shine, that light will be so much brighter if we put them together! Tell that girl she’s beautiful, go to her event, and help her win, because you win too!


Lil D 2

Where do you want to take your career? I want to be a part of a syndicated morning show, have a Chuck Taylor endorsement, and make my non-profit organization You Go G.I.R.L. recognizable on a national level.


Where do you see urban radio in the next 10 years? Music will go back to being good lol! Also, I think talent will shine through more. A gimmick will get you in radio, but your talent will keep you there, and I think in 10 years, people will realize how much talented people matter to radio.


What do you think is wrong, if you do, with hip hop and R&B? There isn’t enough balance. There has always been party music and meaningless music, but now it’s saturated with music that means nothing. We need more J Cole’s, Big K.R.I.T’s, and Kendrick Lamar’s. We need the message again.


Who do you think is the most underappreciated artist out there right now? I may be biased because I’m from the south, but I think Big K.R.I.T. is so underrated. Lyrically, production-wise…everything is incredible. He makes great music that you can ride to, party to, and think to.

Who’s in your iPod/radar? J Cole and Wale never leave the rotation. Also, Adrian Marcel; both his mixtapes are really good. I love the new Big K.R.I.T. album too.


Lil D 1

What do you want your legacy to be? When people think of lilD, I want them to laugh because I was so funny. But then I want them to smile, because they knew that more than anything I’d ever done on the radio, my life was dedicated to helping girls realize their worth in life earlier than I did.

Biggest regret is…. I honestly can’t think of one. Had I not gone through everything I did to lead me up to this point, I wouldn’t be right here, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

How can people reach out to you?

FB/IG/Twitter: LILDonAIR…also through my websites, and…if you need business, hit the email:


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