The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)

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The process to getting the interviews with radio chicks, business women, community leaders, and artists is getting a list of questions out and posting their responses. Simple right? (hold your response)

The feedback that I received from a few of the interviewees have been “sheesh! These are a lot of questions” or “do you really want me to answer all these questions?” or “I have to think about my answers first because this is going to take some thinking.” (eh’em Talya Floyd)

I really didn’t think it was that hard UNTIL…..(cue dramatic music) Radio Chick Rocks alum Monique Davis Cary decided to give it right back.

FullSizeRender (1) (Ki Ki and Monique Davis Cary) 

So, I accepted the challenge and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to answer a few questions. MY GOODNESS! Was I that bad? So many questions!

Anyway…here goes:

kikiwhite and black-26 (Ki Ki Brown, midday personality for 92Q Jams, Baltimore, Creator of ThisRadioChickRocks blog) 


What City were you born in? Pittsburgh, PA


What other markets have you done radio in? Just two: Pittsburgh (WAMO) and Baltimore.

Do you get tired of doing the same thing every day?  Sometimes I do but that only means that I have to switch it up or add something else to it. Just because I get tired of it, doesn’t mean people are tired of it.


Being an on air talent, what do you feel you bring to the people to make them listen to you every day? My personality. I laugh at myself a lot. I bring them into my world and I can relate to theirs. If I’m broke, you’ll know. If I’m sick, you’ll know that too. Listeners love when you can relate to them.


What was the worse interview ever? Danny Glover (actor). He was promoting Dreamgirls at the time and I had yet to see the movie. He could tell by my questions and said “haven’t you seen the movie?” I told him that I was waiting to watch it with my family and he said “there isn’t a need to do this interview then.” Hmmm…Ok…then he hung up. WOW! Really old dude? I saw the movie later. Totally forgot he was in it! (shade)



Sometimes artists can be dry or give one word answers during an interview, what do you do to make the interview come to life? It’s bad but sometimes I flirt. I was taught to get them (your artist) to converse with you about some things off air. That way you can tell what type of personality you’re dealing with. Comedians are hard to interview. They’re not always as funny as they portray on stage or in movies. So I bring up a funny story that I read about and ask their opinion. They usually have a sidekick with them and if they laugh, then I’m good. For females, I always complement them on what they’re wearing or on a project I liked. They like that too!

What made you start “ThisRadioChickRocks”, what was missing? Talking to other women in radio about their experiences in the game and how they were or weren’t mentored or how most station managers want them on as the side-kicks or how they’re not appreciated. I thought that other women in radio would benefit from their stories. Since then, the feedback has been inspiring; even for me!

 radio chicks rock  (Radio Chicks: Felecia Haney *writer* , Tasha Simone, Dominique Da Diva, Nicole Collins, Tarin Harris *writer*)

How has being a single mom, raising a male been for you in this business, where the music is ever changing (not so positive)? Ummm…it has its good and bad days. Raising a young man today is hard all in itself. Regardless of what I do for a career choice. My son has been by my side while I worked in promotions at my other station, hanging up banners, riding in the station truck (in a car seat), going to meet and greets, you name it. Vaughn knows about radio all too well. I had to go through it with my dad so he has to with me. I am glad that I’m in the media because I have a leg up on some things that’s going on with our young people that he doesn’t know. It’s a good perk.

IMG_2990 (Ki Ki and son Vaughn) 

You LOVE the today show, is it your dream to be on there one day?  OMG! I LOVE that show! I watch it every day and have been for years! I would love to be a feature anchor on that show. Like, doing a piece on shopping or celebrity interviews or something. I never thought about it. I just want to be on the show. It would be so dope! 

IMG_3535 (Today Show anchors Dylan Dryer and Jenna Wolfe) 

What do you think you could bring different to the show (even if you just hosted for one day)? SLANG! (lol) I don’t think it would fit but I would definitely bring something that is of a more comfortable setting than what it normally is. Not sure if that will be acceptable since its NBC, but hey! Why not?


What makes you irreplaceable or do you think you are? NO! I’m definitely NOT irreplaceable. I know this because I was replaced before. I learned from that experience that anyone can be replaced. I embrace what I do every day and enjoy it. I do what I can. I can’t help it if a decision is made to let me go. I know it’s not personal. I wouldn’t want it but I know it happens. So I definitely don’t think I’m irreplaceable.

What’s next for you? I really don’t know. My goal is to work in NYC. Maybe syndication. Maybe television. Maybe consulting or programming. These are the top positions I’d like to be in in the next few years. I also hope this blog takes off and become a movement for women in radio; helping aspiring women who want to be in this industry. Finally, I am praying I can launch my non-profit for young people (Ki Ki’s Kids Foundation) within the next year. I just plan to be busy!

2014-06-10 06.20.24

Are you in your perfect time slot? I love midday’s. It’s not too early and not too late. I talk to the working woman (or man) and I enjoy it the most.

Do you think that us WOMEN can have it all in this business? I believe we can if we really want it. But then again, it’s not what will make us happy. I read on women who are rich and can buy up the world, but they’re not happy. Having it all is good but it’s not everything.

Favorite quote: “If you let your fears keep you from flying, you’ll never reach your high”-India Arie.



kikiwhite and black-12

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5 thoughts on “The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)

  1. Wow! Thank You Monique for the stellar interview! So many thoughts I have on it!! “I am glad that I’m in the media because I have a leg up on some things that’s going on with our young people that he doesn’t know. It’s a good perk.” I loved that answer Kiki b/c as a Mom that definitely helps me raising my Cool Kids & especially a Daughter! and You know how their friends always try to persuade them that they know more…well she usually comes to me because she knows I have the inside scoop! Also Danny Glover was in Dreamgirls? No I don’t remember either lol That was Funny! I love your goal/dream of the Today show! I remember when they picked you for outfit of the day! Keep speaking it into existence Kiki! You are so Relatable! I can’t wait to play your interview with Chrissy Monroe! I definitely want to know her story & how she deals with Chink Santana. Anyhow! Keep on doing ya thing! Finally the woman behind the Mic opens up! and we all know how hard that can be for a Taurus! **High Fives**

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