The R&B Diva Of B’more: One On One w/ Paula Campbell [Video]

She’s not really a diva (if you know her) but if she was, she’s earned the title. Paula Campbell is called the “First Lady of Baltimore” and for good reason. As a singer, song writer, model and award winner, Miss Campbell is a woman with purpose, passion and a force to be wreckend with. SheContinue reading “The R&B Diva Of B’more: One On One w/ Paula Campbell [Video]”

The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)

The process to getting the interviews with radio chicks, business women, community leaders, and artists is getting a list of questions out and posting their responses. Simple right? (hold your response) The feedback that I received from a few of the interviewees have been “sheesh! These are a lot of questions” or “do you reallyContinue reading “The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)”

Whatchu Know About That Owww Owww Chick?: One On One w/ DJ AngelBaby

You can hear DJ AngelBaby overnights, weekends and whenever she has time to work on 92Q Jams (Baltimore). She’s the co-host for the HIP HOP show #RapAttack w/ DJ AJ aka “Showtime” Sunday nights at 7PM! She’s funny, sexy, smart, VERY OUTSPOKEN and extremely talented. She rocks the crowd for all types of genres andContinue reading “Whatchu Know About That Owww Owww Chick?: One On One w/ DJ AngelBaby”

The Street Buzz Chick: One On One w/ Persia Nicole

Persia Nicole worked at CBS radio in programming and promotions then taking her passion of becoming a radio announcer to WERQ (92Q Jams, Baltimore) about 3 years ago. Surprise to say, I was her manager in Promotions and she wasn’t the most inviting person I’ve ever met; but I’m glad I met her. I believe it wasContinue reading “The Street Buzz Chick: One On One w/ Persia Nicole”

“Google Me Baby!”: One On One w/ iiKane

  Who Is iiKane? I believe that’s her Twitter handle to be completely honest! But it’s a pretty simple question. Who is iiKane? She’s the female voice you hear during the ride home, co-hosting The KoShow w/ legendary afternoon personality Konan and the 5 O’clock Ride with DJ Jay Claxton, weekdays from 2P to 6P onContinue reading ““Google Me Baby!”: One On One w/ iiKane”

Not Thankful But Grateful…Let Me Explain

On Thanksgiving day, many families gather around the table, holding hands, sharing stories on what they’re thankful for. It’s appropriate for the theme and acceptable because you should be appreciative for the blessings you have everyday. Unfortunately, for me, I’m not only thankful; I’m grateful. With so much going on in the world today, I’mContinue reading “Not Thankful But Grateful…Let Me Explain”