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First 15 Lead In: Black History Month of 2020 is so embarrassing

                I don’t want to contribute or even start off with something negative, but I expected so much out of my people; particularly this month because it’s 2020 and we’ve come so far! Now, we’re arguing on twitter, attacking Auntie Gayle King, Oprah and Mo’Nique going at it, Amanda Seales is constantly preaching about being proud and black on The Real, Bey & Jay didn’t stand or kneel! Now, the positive is former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume won the primary in Baltimore, taking the late Elijah Cummings seat in congress. He beat Cummings’ wife and will have to run again in the major election. More positives: Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama (?), Billy Porter wore a dress on Sesame Street (?), and Hamilton The Musical will become a movie! Did I miss anything?

“They Said” Lead In: Auntie Gayle Attacked

CBS This Morning talk show co-host Gayle King was attacked on social media. She’s receiving and responding to backlash about her recent interview with former WNBA legend Lisa Leslie from an interview where the focus was on Kobe Bryant’s rape case. Fans tore into Oprah’s bestie because there were more things THEY FELT she could have focused on BUT, Auntie Gayle responded, blaming CBS execs for not airing the whole conversation. She was mortified and embarrassed.

Comedian Lil’ Duval said he wants to trade Gayle King in for Tom Hank’s son at the next racial draft.  

Have you ever been misquoted or lied on?

Up Next: Girl Talk-Nicki & Meek Need A Timeout!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill broke up in 2017. So why are they arguing on Twitter calling each other names and making accusations that could get Meek locked up if someone was really paying attention!

Have you ever been so scorned so badly you wanted to ruin that person’s job, family, life? Have you ever taken a breakup really hard? Done something stupid just to get back at them?

Final 15 Lead In: Erykah Badu Burns Panties To Make Incense

Valentine’s Day is coming up and every woman likes it when her man/lady/partner, whatever gives her a bottle of expensive perfume. Well, Erykah Badu is changing the game with her newest business venture.

The 48 year old singer, DJ, actress was inspired to create her own fragrance after she cut a few pairs of her panties into little pieces and burned them. The incense is called Badu’s P*ssy. She’s quoted as saying “there’s an urban legend that my P*ssy changes men.” (Andre 3000, Common to name a few).

I heard of power of the P*ssy but this is crazy?

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