Hey Girl Hey Podcast for FEB 1, 2020 [VIDEO]

This week on the Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Feb 1, 2020:

First 15 Lead In Kobe Bryant Legacy

                * NBA Legend, Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 passengers died in a         horrific helicopter this past Sunday.

            * This news changed the world and most lives as we reflect on life; many celebs   recognizing how life is too precious to take for granted.

            * How did this tragedy affect you and did it make you take a closer look at how you look at life? (Alexis Johnson is our guest and she will share how she learned      how to deal with the tragedy of this magnitude and how she learned to cope)

“They Said” Lead In: Amanda Seals

            * The Real talk show host, Amanda Seals said earlier this week “it’s so easy to support the black woman” when referring to the story about AGT host, Terry Crews and his lack of support for former AGT judge, Gabrielle Union. Crews   stating the only woman he should be loyal to is his wife (not his mother, daughters, co-workers, etc.) He received heavy backlash for this and THEY SAY he’s a “sell-out”.

            *What do you say?

            * Is it easy to support a black woman?

            * Are black men OBLIGATED to support the black woman? Was Terry obligated to support her as she supported him during his #metoo moment?

“Girl Talk” Lead In: I’m Black! Yeah, I’m Black, so what?

Daniel Kaluuya, star of “Get Out” and “Queen and Slim” made headlines when he was quoted saying this about black hollywood “What is there to talk about race? It’s just boring to me. What’s the debate? I’m more of a doer. I’m just going to do what I want to do.

He goes on to say “I’m not a spokesperson; I’m an individual.”

“Who’s the spokesperson for white people? There isn’t one. No one’s expected to speak up for all white people. I’m just living my life. I’m a black man, I’m proud of it, but I’m just living my life. You may victimise me, but you will not make me feel like a victim. And if you think you can, then what sort of person are you?”

Do you agree with him? Should all black people speak for all black people or for themselves as individuals?

Final 15 Lead In: Celebrating Black History Month…blah blah blah

When the news broke out that Kobe Bryant died tragically, I was with my 13 year old niece who had no idea who KB was. When I asked her what does her school talk teach them about Black History Month, she said “you know, Rosa Parks, MLK, Obama”. I almost fell out!

We stopped recognizing prominant Black Legends after we leave school and get upset when our children don’t learn more about who they should be considered leaders in our community.

Is it up to the school to teach our kids about our history or is it ours?

Who is one black historical figure that you admire, motivates or inspires you by their story?

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