Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is legendary hip hop group Public Enemy thought it was funny to reveal on April Fools that the rumor of the group firing front man Flava Flav, claiming he was hard to deal with so they suspended him for years was actually a publicity stunt to promote anContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]”

Word On The Curb is…K Michelle Shares IVF Experience-Wants “Designer Baby” [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is reality star/R&B Diva, K. Michelle is sharing her surgical struggles once more with fans as she goes through IVF treatments. She says she struggles now during this difficult time as the world is dealing with the Coronavirus. In a recent interview, K. Michelle talks about wanting to have a girlContinue reading “Word On The Curb is…K Michelle Shares IVF Experience-Wants “Designer Baby” [AUDIO]”

Hey Girl Hey! Check out the latest episode of our podcast! [VIDEO/AUDIO]

This week, the ladies discuss the hot topics on the Gayle King backlash, Nicki Minaj and Meek twitter beef (toxic and domestic violent relationships), the highs & lows of Black History Month, and Erykah Badu’s panty perfume! Click the link for more!

Word On The Curb Is…Erykah Badu Sellin’ Panty Perfume [AUDIO]

Erykah Badu is making incense out of her burned panties in time for Valentine’s Day! Gayle King is PISSED at CBS and we’re holding several seats for Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill! Click the link to find out why!