Word On The Curb Is…Public Enemy Fired Flava Flav! [AUDIO]

Public Enemy Chuck D. and former member, Flava Flav
Photo Credit: TMZ

Long story short, word on the curb is the legendary hip hop group, Public Enemy decided their hypeman Flava Flav shouted his last shout in the name of PE! This allegedly happened over a dispute Flav had with Senator Bernie Sanders who apparently used a “likeness” in an advertisement or some form of invite for an upcoming campaign event without his permission.

According to reports, the group’s leader, Chuck D felt the cease-and-desist, filed by Flava Flav wasn’t the last straw! He’s apparently had enough of Flav’s antics and decided the group no longer needed his services. It’s been how many years since Public Enemy and Flava Flav’s been a thing? His severance package should be nice! (keyword: should be) Click here for more!

Oprah Winfrey
Photo Credit: DailyMail.com/Oprah Winfrey Instagram

Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey and legendary “Material Girl” Madonna both took a big fall on stage (in front of people) over the weekend. Oprah’s doing fine but somebody might want to check on Madonna!

Judge Judy
Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Finally, after 25 years you’d think an icon like Judge Judy would want to hang up her laced-collar’d robe to trade it in for a drink with an umbrella and retire, right? NOPE! The 77-year old judge won’t be retiring her gavel just yet. Reports are she’s giving up her seat behind the bence after 25 years because she’s not happy with the higher ups at CBS.

Although this will be the last season of Judge Judy, this won’t be the last we’ll see her honor. Looks like, Aunt Judy has another show in the works and is currenlty shopping other networks. After 25 years, I’m sure she got used to collecting those checks! According to CNN.com, “In 2018, Forbes named her the year’s highest-paid TV host after she sold the rights to her show’s extensive library to CBS for an estimated $100 million in 2017.” Click here for more.

Click the link to hear my full Word On The Curb entertainment report:


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