Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is legendary hip hop group Public Enemy thought it was funny to reveal on April Fools that the rumor of the group firing front man Flava Flav, claiming he was hard to deal with so they suspended him for years was actually a publicity stunt to promote an upcoming album. What does one have to do with the other? Needless to say, the group is still together and they’re coming out with a new project. Good luck! (insert side-eye) Here’s more!

Singer, H.E.R. did something so amazing for her staff. She gifted them with an enormous monetary blessing to help them get through these rough times during the COVID 19 shut down. One of her background singers said it was more than just a bag of groceries! Hats off to H.E.R.! Click here for the full story

Finally, many of our favorite celebs are putting together personal messages via social media to warn their fans that it is absulutely necessary to stay home during the COVID 19 pandemic. Erykah Badu had a special message directed toward her hometown of Dallas. The Grammy award-winner adds “…be calm. But be prepared”. Read more here.

Click the link for my full Word On The Curb entertainment report:


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