The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Feb 13): The Catapult Chick-Tammy Thompson [Audio/Video]

Tammy Thompson joins the ladies this week to discuss the Trump Impeachment Hearings and what they think will happen if or when Trump is convicted of the insurrection of the Capitol.

Plus, we discuss the Gorilla Girl drama and Rachel Dolezal who says she’s having a hard time finding a job now that she’s identified as a black woman.

Finally, we discuss the new Star Pilot program in Denver where the community calls on mental health experts to domestic, mental health, and non-violent issues instead of the police. It’s working!

Catapult Greater Pgh is a new non profit program that serves the African American community in ways that provide resources on economic justice, personal growth opportunities, peer to peer support and wealth building.

Tammy Thompson is the founder and executive director of Catapult Greater Pittsburgh.

Click here for the full audio:

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