Word On The Curb Is…Russell Simmons Doc Released [AUDIO]

I’m trying to play catch up so here are the latest hot topics on your favorite celebs from April 20-22! Article links and audio now available: April 20: Teddy and Babyface return TONIGHT! Will Bill Cosby be released early? R. Kelly Tries Again…and failed! J-Lo and A-Rod Set to purchase baseball team Teddy/Babyface Part 2Continue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Russell Simmons Doc Released [AUDIO]”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast

I teamed up with two dynamic ladies (Gerri Tipton “The Millennial Chick” and LaShawn Tipton “The Chatter Chick”) for a podcast where we can gossip about our favorite celebrities, current events and other stuff you talk about to yourselves or to your co-workers. The podcast is called “Hey Girl Hey” and you can hear itContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast”