The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (DEC 5): Tame Your Cat! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

We got fan mail from a guy who is frustrated with this girlfriend of 3 years for denying him sex shortly after she had surgery and not feeling very confident about her body.

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Sept 5th [AUDIO]

This week, we talked about the tragic, unexpected loss of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman. The subject of early detection and how his one co-star on the Netflix movie “Da 5 Bloods” thought he was being a diva on set. Unaware he was dying of cancer. We also discussed Claws star Niecy Nash‘s sudden marriage (to a woman) andContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Sept 5th [AUDIO]”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (July 25) w/ Guest Jessica Gurley, LCSW [AUDIO/VIDEO]

We are joined by a licensed therapist and mental health consultant, Jessica Gurley (LCSW) to discuss women being called the “B-word” (why it’s offensive when men say it and not when women say it), betraying friendships and the recent news stories surrounding Kanye West and mental illness. Check out Parts One, Two, and Three onContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (July 25) w/ Guest Jessica Gurley, LCSW [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (July 11): When Your Lesbian Lover Is Terrible In Bed…What Do You Do? We Know! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

What do you do when your lesbian lover is terrible in bed? You write us and we try our best to help! See how we do! Click the link for the latest episode of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast.

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast “Taming Your Trauma” (June 27) *AUDIO*

This week, the subject of racism is addressed along with black lives matter, if black and white people are doing too much, women keeping their guards up too high, managing our trauma, and the OWN Network series “Light Girls”. Click here for the SOUNDCLOUD LINK Find past episodes of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast on Soundcloud,Continue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast “Taming Your Trauma” (June 27) *AUDIO*”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 18, 2020 [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Hey Girl Hey Podcast has a new episode!!! Listen LIVE every Saturday at 9:30A on Live365 (Official) & TuneIn Radio streaming apps! (Search Urban Media Today)! This week, the ladies talked about: Yung Joc’s new job as an Uber Driver (why do we think less of someone by the type of job they have?) AreContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 18, 2020 [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast

I teamed up with two dynamic ladies (Gerri Tipton “The Millennial Chick” and LaShawn Tipton “The Chatter Chick”) for a podcast where we can gossip about our favorite celebrities, current events and other stuff you talk about to yourselves or to your co-workers. The podcast is called “Hey Girl Hey” and you can hear itContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast”

This Chick Is Moving On Up!

On top of all the other things I’m handling in my day to day routine (CEO of Nice 2 Media Marketing & Promotions, LLC and now afternoon personality for WAMO100, Pittsburgh), I am now music & content coordinator for an online station called Urban Media Today Radio; a product of Urban Media Today online magazine.Continue reading “This Chick Is Moving On Up!”