Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Special Guest, Author Carol Washington [AUDIO/VIDEO]

First 15 Lead In: Corona UPDATE

  • Stimulus checks arrived
  • Trump might lift the stay at home ban (you here for it?)
  • Folks are getting more and more bored (TikTok dances *flip the switch/don’t rush/pillow challenges, IG concerts, etc.)

Let’s Play “I never realized…”what are some of the things you’ve noticed now that you never noticed before the quarantine?

“They Said” Lead In: After this Coronavirus is over SO ARE WE!

  • He bout to divorce you, sis!
  • Folks reaching out to divorce lawyers ready to file!

“Girl Talk” Lead In: mental health challenges during COVID 19

(CDC.gov): Ways to cope with stress

Final 15 Lead In: Guest Carol Washington, Author Rules of Engagement: My Road to Leadership”

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