She’s The Ambassador Of Awareness: One on One w/ La’Shelle Tatum

 La’Shelle Tatum is a woman who is crazy about awareness. I met her a few years back at an awareness event for HIV/AIDS and since then, she and I not only became sister/sorors, but we became good friends. She and I have the same passion to reach the community with information and awareness. She’d deny it butContinue reading “She’s The Ambassador Of Awareness: One on One w/ La’Shelle Tatum”

Holiday Stressin’ and Depression…It’s Common!

The holidays are here and while most of the world tis the season, others are suffering from the holiday hopelessness and depression. Myself included. Not sure where it comes from but I can say for me, it’s the expectations that come from family and work and life, really. Stressing about bills, gifts, trips, oh myContinue reading “Holiday Stressin’ and Depression…It’s Common!”