This Chick Is Moving On Up!

On top of all the other things I’m handling in my day to day routine (CEO of Nice 2 Media Marketing & Promotions, LLC and now afternoon personality for WAMO100, Pittsburgh), I am now music & content coordinator for an online station called Urban Media Today Radio; a product of Urban Media Today online magazine.Continue reading “This Chick Is Moving On Up!”

Meet The “CMO” Chick: One On One w/ Elizabeth Kemp Caulder

Have you ever met a CMO? Do you even know what a CMO is? Chief Marketing Officer! Do you know any CMO’s? I do! My Soror Elizabeth Kemp Caulder, CMO of Media Star Promotions. I’m sure you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what a CMO does so I’ll keep the info to myselfContinue reading “Meet The “CMO” Chick: One On One w/ Elizabeth Kemp Caulder”