This Chick Is Moving On Up!

2016-0035.jpgOn top of all the other things I’m handling in my day to day routine (CEO of Nice 2 Media Marketing & Promotions, LLC and now afternoon personality for WAMO100, Pittsburgh), I am now music & content coordinator for an online station called Urban Media Today Radio; a product of Urban Media Today online magazine.

The station is an Urban AC music format that includes music, entertainment reporting, sports (coming soon) and finance commentary (also coming soon). It’s not as easy as one would seem it is but I really like it! I hope you will too!

You can find the online station via Live365 online or through the free app which Urban Media Today also carries on iPhone and Android.


Radio bannaer.jpg

I’ve always wanted to program a station so this is a dream come true for me. One that is extremely challenging as well as super fun!

If you’re ever in need of checking out a new UrbanAC station online, log onto and let me know what you think by emailing me at!

And follow the station on Twitter & Instagram @UMTRadio!




Published by Ki Ki Brown

Media personality, CEO Nice 2 Media Marketing & Promotions, LLC and Forever a RadioChick that ROCKS!

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