I Am Whole Mentoring Program For Young Ladies Coming To Pittsburgh

I met a young lady a few months ago through a business contact and I was amazed by her excitement when she was sharing with me her vision about a new non profit she had been working on called I Am Whole Mentoring. That young lady was Maryilyn Hornsby (pictured below in the center), the Founder and CEO of I AM Whole Mentoring.


The mentoring program is for young women ages 15-25 in the city of Pittsburgh who are longing for mentoring (of course), extended education assistance, job readiness, etiquette, and so much more!

The organization hosted a recruitment and informational in Pittsburgh in July and hosted over 25 aspiring mentors and mentees who are looking forward to starting the new Fall season with some informative events and projects.


I’m excited to see something like this come to the city for our young ladies. For years, I’ve been thinking of starting a non profit (and I will…when I have enough time) and although this concept has been duplicated over and over by so many people, I Am Mentoring is a personal venture from one woman who saw a need to supply the right resources to women not just of younger ages, but those older and more mature who are also struggling to find a happy medium.

If you would like more information, become a mentor or mentee, email info@IAMWholementoring.org.


Make sure you support Mrs. Hornsby and I AM Whole Mentoring. It’s a wonderful thing and our young ladies really could use more good mentors, don’t you think?

Follow them on social media:

  • Facebook @IAmWholeMentoring
  • Twitter & Instagram @IAMWhole2017

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