This Philly Chick Rocks: One on One w/ Cappuchino-Power 99

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I have met some pretty awesome radio chicks in my many years in the business from New Orleans, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, LA and Philly! Well, this particular radio chick from Philly, named Cappuchino at Power 99 FM, and I never met face-to-face. It may have been on social…

She Rocks The Party In A Dress and Heels! One On One w/ DJ PChris

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We have a mutual friend that introduced us at an R. Kelly concert and DJ PChris and I became members of a private sisterhood in a weird kind of way. She and I never mix crowds, we don’t call each other, and I have no idea what she likes to watch…

Lights! Camera! Now Fade To LaDawn Black…

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You can hear LaDawn Black‘s voice weeknights on 92Q Jams (Baltimore) from 10P to 2A and on Saturdays from 10A-3P on Magic 95.9. She asks the thought provoking questions; like “tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding.” (like I said, thought provoking, right?) LaDawn is really good…I…

Does Social Media Mean Guilty Before Proven Innocent? [Poll]

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Has social media ruined “innocent until proven guilty”? How did you respond when rapper T. I. threatened a “fan” who talked bad about his daughter. How did you know about that one? Instagram (that eventually hit the news) Reaction from the Twittersphere ended the careers of NFL players, a legendary comedian, and…

Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!

Now, I’ve been invited to FEW (yes, that was shade) Christmas parties (not including my workplace “gatherings”) but I have NEVER been to a REAL Christmas party. You know the ones I’m referring to. Where everyone drinks from REAL wine glasses, with a waiter/waitress serving h’orderves and a patiently waiting bartender ready to pour you a drinkContinue reading “Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!”

This Natural Chick Rocks! One on One w/ Zarah Charm

Who is Zarah Charm? What is a Charming Army? Find out HERE!

Fix It Jesus: One On One w/ A True Sister United In Verse, Mrs. Sonya Caldwell

I’ve heard Steve Harvey say every morning when he began his radio show “prayer changes things”. Even my mom says “all you need is prayer”. I agree 100% and I’m thankful for those people that GOD placed in my path that continue to pray for me and bless me with favor because if it weren’tContinue reading “Fix It Jesus: One On One w/ A True Sister United In Verse, Mrs. Sonya Caldwell”