The Royal Hypeness Chick: One on One w/ AngieAnge of WKYS

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I’m in my Operations Manager’s office and I’m talking to him about my dreams of starting a non profit. He offers his advice and support, then gets on the phone. I’m like “did this dude just make a phone call in the middle of our conversation?” The person he called was…

From A Po Ho On Dope To A Ph.D! One On One w/ Dr. Elaine Richardson [Audio]

I received an email from fellow RadioChickRocks alum, media chick, Felicia Haney (BeechStreet) asking if I would be available for an interview with a woman she thought was amazing and inspiring. Her name is Dr. Elaine Richardson and she is currently promoting her third book “PHD to Ph.D: How Education Saved My Life” The title isContinue reading “From A Po Ho On Dope To A Ph.D! One On One w/ Dr. Elaine Richardson [Audio]”

The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)

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The process to getting the interviews with radio chicks, business women, community leaders, and artists is getting a list of questions out and posting their responses. Simple right? (hold your response) The feedback that I received from a few of the interviewees have been “sheesh! These are a lot of questions”…

Georgia’s Foxy and Fly Chick: One On One w/ Georgia Ellyse of Foxie 105

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With the help of this blog, I’m finding ways to shine a spotlight on some pretty awesome radio chicks that I know personally and have yet to meet; only because I feel as though it’s about time for “us” to get the special attention sometimes! I’ve grown to meet some extraordinary…

She’s A Diva Chick Doin’ Big Things in the VA: One On One w/ Dominique Da Diva

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She’s spunky, funny, confident and hella talented! She’s the voice you hear in Norfolk, VA middays at 103 Jamz! I met DominiqueDaDiva during an LA trip for the Baggage Claim junket and this radio chick was an absolute joy to be around! There wasn’t a dull moment with Dominique as we…

When Santa Is Broke….Now What?

Hey! I know it’s not just me when I say that I just can’t do for anyone this Christmas. With monthly bills, a growing teen, a new car and coffee addiction, it’s hard to set aside a Christmas fund. This can put a damper on the mood real quick. But we shouldn’t let it. BeingContinue reading “When Santa Is Broke….Now What?”

The Jazzy, TV, Radio, Media Mogul Chick: She’s Angela Stribling!!

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? Here’s my story: I’m on the red carpet at the BET Honors and in a small, cold room, filled with shouting people and flashing lights. The men were in suits and tuxedos and the women were snatched and beat to the Gods! In the room, there’s this beautiful woman standing…