Word On The Curb Is…Would You Watch Snoop Dogg vs Jay Z in an IG Live Battle? [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is West Coast legenary rapper, Snoop Dogg feels he’s at the same level as East Coast rapper, Jay Z when it comes to a verses battle. He suggested he and Jigga get together and toss their hits back and forth for fans live on Instagram. Jay Z hasn’t responded (of course he hasn’t) but I’m happy Snoop is that confident to say this out loud! That takes a lot of chutzpah and Snoop does have plenty of it! (SOURCE)

Sean “Diddy” Combs pictured with Andre Harrell
Photo credit: Hip Hop N More, 2020

The music industry lost a legend last week and one of the most notable faces (and names) in the game is expressing his grief; confessing his deep loss for more than a mentor but a father-figure.

Sean “Diddy” Combs finally broke his silence about the untimely death of music giant, Andre Harrell who passed away at the age of 59 due to heart failure.

He took to his social media platforms to share his grief and sadness saying Harrell was more than a mentor but a father (Diddy lost his real father at the age of 2) . Diddy got his start in the music business by Andre Harrell who started Uptown Records and jumpstarted may careers of talented and award-winning artists like Mary J Blige, Jodeci, the late Heavy D and more! (SOURCE)

Finally, the tragic and untimely death of unarmed black man, Ahmaud Arbery (age 25), who was gunned down in broad daylight while jogging in a Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood by father and son, Gregory and Travis McMichael, has stirred up many familiar emotions within the black community.

We’re still trying to heal for the other young lives (black and unarmed) lost at the hands of white men; some police officers (Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Trayvon Martin)

The two men who are accused of killing Arbery in February have been arrested and denied bail.

The family and legal team of Ahmaud are urging the state and federal justice leaders to sentence all involved with life or death.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones told TMZ that the decision to want them to die is because “Coming from my point of view, my son died, so they should die as well.” (SOURCE)

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Word On The Curb Is…Jennifer Lewis Caught Up in Romance Con [AUDIO]

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Yes girl!

Word on the curb is, Black-ish star, Jennifer Lewis fell victim to a nice booty and a smile when she was reportedly involved in a romance scam.

She and four other women lost out on $400,000 after a man they thought they were in a relationship with scammed them from the bedroom to the bank. According to reports, Lewis met the man at an LA Fitness where he reportedly researched her and conned her out of $50,000. Click the link for the full story.

More Word On The Curb Entertainment

We lost so many celebrities over the weekend. On Saturday, music giant Andre Harrell died from heart failure, according to his family. He was 59 years old.

Iconic soul singer, Betty Wright passed away over the weekend at the age of 66. There are reports she was diagnosed with cancer this past fall.

Rock N’ Roll pioneer, Little Richard passed away at the age of 87. Richard, born Richard Wayne Penniman, “was one of the original inductees into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.” (TMZ) It is reported he died from bone cancer.

Finally, on Monday, the news hit that comedic actor, Jerry Stiller died this weekend from natural causes according to son, actor Ben Stiller’s twitter post. The senior Stiller was well known for his obnoxious characters on Seinfeld and King of Queens. He was 92.

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They Hey Girl Hey Podcast with Special Guest, Amber Owens [Video/Audio]

NEW EPISODE: May 9, 2020

This week, we catch up on one another and how we’re dealing with the last few weeks of coronavirus quarantine. Plus we talk about Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary “Becoming” (only Ki Ki saw it) and how much they miss the Obama’s in the White House. 

Criminal Defense Attorney, Amber Owens joins in to discuss Raven’s safety, Earl Thomas who was held at gunpoint by his wife who allegedly caught him cheating

We also talk about the recent tragedy of 25 year old Ahmaud Arbery, who was jogging in a Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood, allegedly targeted by two white men (Gregory and Travis McMichael who are father and son).

After recording this episode, we found out Gregory and Travis were both arrested.

Amber talks about both cases and what she says is pretty interesting.

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Word On The Curb Is…Little Women Atlanta’s “Miss Minnie” Caused Fatal Crash

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Yes girl! This tea is HOT!

Word on the curb is famous music producer/composer, Quincy Jones was denied a verdict appeal in a lawsuit that originally awarded him millions in royalties for music by the late Michael Jackson. A judgement that had originally awarded him millions was then overturned because somebody missed something the first time. Here’s the story.

Nike will be giving away thousands of pairs of shoes and socks to deserving healthcare workers on the frontline who are helping those suffering from the coronavirus. This after the athletic wear giant issued thousands of masks to those serving on the front line across the country (SOURCE)

Finally, the fatal crash that killed Little Women Atlanta star “Miss Minnie” was actually caused by Miss Minnie herself. Crash scene investigators found that Minnie, whose actual name was Ashley Ross, lost control of her car, swerving in and out of lanes and traffic and crashing her car into another. The driver of the other car complained of pain and Minnie was pronounced dead at the scene. There will be a small memorial service for friends and family and others can view via livestream (SOURCE)

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Word On The Curb Is…R Kelly Has Diabetes! Can He Get Out Now? [AUDIO]

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Are you ready for this hot tea, sis?

Word on the curb is R. Kelly‘s team is at it again! In the past, they’ve expressed their concern that Robert would contract the coronavirus (denied), used past surgeries (denied), and now they’re saying he could possibly be diabetic (well, they’re not sure because the test results aren’t in yet).

The Jasmine Brand reported that the singer’s legal team is working hard to get their client an early release by using one of the most highly diagnosed diseases that affect African Americans; diabetes. Kelly has gained some weight while locked up and it’s raising concerns which is why they’re asking for leniency from the judge to release him. Well, they say three times a charm. Or is that 4?

Rihanna is working on something big. Well, not really. There’s a rumor that the pop star’s life will be put to film for an upcoming documentary. The person behind the lenses is familiar with the megastar because they’ve worked together before.

According to rumors and report, Peter Berg is set to direct the film for Amazon. You might remember Berg and Rihanna worked together on Battleship (never saw it…sorry)

The Daily Mail is reporting Berg has been “given an all-access look at the star, compiling over 1200 hours of footage to create the doc.”

So, real or rumor, I’m paying my Amazon bill right now!

Finally, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation has reportedly filed copyright strikes toward a YouTube creator that’s using the mogul’s voice and “flow” for specific online content to promote his brand and projects.

Although Mr. Carter is the inspiration behind the deep fake’s content, it’s illegal to use without his permission. Roc Nation and the mogul “have taken notice of the trend and issued copyright strikes to content creators to shut some of it down.” (TheJasmineBrand.com)

So if I were the deep fake guy, I’d just reach out to celebrity impersonators Affion Crocket, Jay Pharaoh or Aries Spears. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box but I think it would cost a lot less than going up against “The Roc”, right?

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The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO

This week, LaShawn, Gerri, and Ki Ki are joined by two powerful women in the media and medicine, Kimberly Callaway and Paige Mitchell. The ladies discuss black hair vs COVID 19 (the struggle is real), how a woman is looking for a new man while her current man fights for his life in the hospital (IT WAS NOT DETERMINED IF HE HAS THE CORONAVIRUS) and why #Karen is so upset.

Segment One: Embracing your natural hair (not by choice but by COVID 19) and does Diddy speak for all of us?

Segment Two:

A woman tells radio personality, Kendra G that she’s looking for another man to step in when/if her man passes away. He’s currently in the hospital where she is unable to visit and unsure of the status. Is she wrong?

And who is “Karen”? We discuss the term mostly used by black women to described priviledged white women when they act “out of pocket”.

Segment Three:

We discuss the recent episode of HBO’s hit series Insecure where Jay Ellis’ character (Lawrence) slides through his ex-girlfriend Issa’s DM. Has your ex ever tried to shoot his shot knowing you’re happily attached?

Segment Four:

In this final segment, we talk to our guests Kimberly Callaway who is a certified physicians assistant in Washington, DC who also practiced Internal Medicine and currently plastic surgery.

Paige Mitchell is a freelance journalist, PR exec and currently the Founder/CEO of Front Paige News magazine.

Both women share their struggle during the pandemic and how they’re coping.

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This Radio Chick Rocks with Paige Mitchell [VIDEO]

Paige Mitchell, Founder/CEO, Front Paige News

I can’t remember the first time I met Paige Mitchell. Actually, I have no memory on our first encounter and that’s ok.

From whenever that first day was that I met this young lady, every time has always been warm, welcoming, and sisterly. I tell her all the time (at least I think I do) that if I were ever to consider comedy, she would definitley have to be in the audience because she laughs at my jokes. (yes, even the corny ones. She’s a keeper)

Paige is a media chick’s media chick! She embraces every inch of the word and works hard in this male-dominated, ever-changing, overly and social-media saturated industry. One minitue, she’s sitting right next to you at a movie premiere in Pittsburgh and the next day, you find her on Instagram posting video from a red carpet event in New York!

That’s what she does! She’s everywhere! And she never complains about it! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Paige upset or heard her complain about anything. She has the most positive attitute and the biggest heart! She’s super cool.

She’s a freelance writer, marketing and promotions exec, PR agent and now the founder and CEO of her own entertainment magazine, Front Paige News.

Paige joined The Hey Girl Hey Podcast this week to talk about how the recent pandemic of the COVID19 crisis changed her entire world. From traveling, booking events for clients and the future of her entertainment magazine.

I wanted to know more so I asked her to join me for a sit down on ThisRadioChickRocks and she graciously agreed.

Check out my one on one with Founder/CEO, Front Paige News, Paige Mitchell:

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ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Michele Newell

ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Brandi “Inarbi Nicole” Brown

Word On The Curb Is…Kim K Has Had It With Kanye [AUDIO]

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Time to sip this HOT TEA, sis!

Word on the curb is rapper Eminem found himself in a dangerous situation when an intruder broke into his Detroit home. He didn’t steal anything. Em wasn’t too alarmed but he was a little pissed when he was the one who found the guy and not his security. I’m sure they’ll be a mandatory Zoom meeting about this in the future. (SOURCE)

The internet had to push RESET when Megan The Stallion released her new “Savage” remix that included a special bar-drop by the Queen Bee (Beyonce) herself! The new single hit all online streaming services and it didn’t take long for everyone to jump on and share their true feelings about the remix! (oh, it’s a smash! Definitely). No surprise here! Bey did say “I sneeze on the beat and the beat got sickah!” She wasn’t lying! Plus, this marked an emotional occasion for the Houston rapper who just last year, lost her mother to brain cancer. She shared on her IG live that her mom was a Bey fan too and they would listen to Beyonce’s music. When she met Beyonce for the first time, she was super excited. You can see her reaction here. Click this link for more.

Finally, and I figured this was coming, Kim Kardashian-West is getting a little tired of being the only one parenting her children that she shares with mega star rapper-turned pastor-turned artist-turned, who knows this week, Kanye West. She shared on social media that she’s been the one who has to handle the kids when he’s busy “creating” and she’s getting a little tired of it. Has she reached her limit like the rest of us? We shall see. (SOURCE)

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ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Michele Newell, News Reporter for WPXI-Pittsburgh [VIDEO]

We text back and forth from time to time and it’s been that way for a good year and some change. I met Michele Newell, news reporter for Pittsburgh news station, WPXI (Cox Communications) when she stopped by the WAMO 100 studios to interview me about my brother who was then incarcerated and had been reportedly ill from a K-2 incident that happened at SCI Greene Correctional facility.

Since then, we’ve grown close and I’ve admired her tenacity and rockstar work ethic! She’s always working! She’s covering the hard news on violent crimes, fires and recently (and more consistantly) the coronavirus.

News reporter, Michele Newell-WPXI TV

I wanted to check in with her to see how she’s holding up and ask her if this pandemic effects her as it does the rest of us. I was also eager to know what she misses the most during this “time out”, if all this is overwhelming to her and what she’s looking forward to doing when all this is over!

Check out my “Kick’n It With The Kitty” conversation with news reporter, Michele Newell:

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ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Brandi “Inarbi Nicole” Brown, Baltimore Stylist and Businesswoman [VIDEO]

Brandi “Inarbi Nicole” Brown, owner of MLuxe Style Salon in Baltimore, MD

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of lives across the globe. For more than a month, people across the country have had to alter their lives, careers, businesses and families in order to survive. Government officials and the President say there is hope but people aren’t trusting that change is gonna come as soon as they’d hope. Meaning, they’ll have to wait it out a little longer.

It hasn’t been easy for Brandi Brown, married with two twin girls and a salon owner in Baltimore City, Maryland.

The 30-something entrepreneur and stylist had to close her salon doors (before celebrating its one year anniversary) recently due to Maryland Governor Hogan’s stay-in policies.

If anyone knows Brandi personally, then you know she never settles for mediocre. She will do whatever she has to do (except compromise her or her family’s integrity and reputation) to take care of those she loves and continue building her empire. She’s definitely that BOSS CHICK!

I had an opportunity to “kick it” with Brandi for a few minutes to see how she’s doing, how she’s coping, and what her plans are once the stay-home policies have been lifted in her state.

For more in MLuxe Salon, log onto www.MLuxeStyle.com.