Finding Randi: An Inspiring Story About Adoption and Reflection


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This isn’t an entertainment report but more of an inspiring moment for those who have experienced the adoption process.

I met this young lady by the name of Randi James at a dinner party of a mutual church friend. I had never seen anyone like her before. Her spirit was “welcoming” and innocent. Her smile is vibrant and her skin is flawless. I’m not into chicks (insert Seinfeld line: “not that there’s anything wrong with it“) but this young lady is beautiful.

We started following one another on Facebook and we shared a few motivating text messages. You know the kind: bible verse there, a funny meme here, “have a blessed day” type of thing. You know, what good girlfriends do!

One day, I was swiping through my Facebook timeline and found the most inspiring story shared by Randi about her experience of being adopted.

Randi shared her story about how she found her birth mother and family; detail by detail. From the airport to the “awkward” family dinner.

Her story did something to my heart. It warmed up a bit. I felt compassion and empathy for her; not that she needed it. Randi has the most positive and confident personality I know at her age (early to mid 30s). GOD is doing some amazing things in her life!

Recently, my brother found my father, brother and myself through! I wasn’t sure how to take this! Who was this person? Why am I not excited, but happy and weird about all this?

The first person I reached out to was Randi. Even in her instant messages she was calm, excited, happy, and concerned about my new life change. GOD put her through this process not only to help her but to help me!

She advised me to take my time, let it develop into what it was purposed to be, and don’t try to figure it out. She was right!

Randi’s experience was one I really wanted to share with the world because now I know there are people in the world who are going through what she went through (and still going through).

Because of our work schedule (she works in education), it was hard to sit down with her and interview her as I would a celebrity. So I sent her a few questions and asked her to answer them as open and honest as she could. She did!

Read it here:

Did you always know you were adopted? If so, when did your adopted parents tell you? My mother told me when I was around 5. I came home from school and it was the day a parent came to talk about their job. The mother worked with babies and told us that we came from our mommy’s tummies and I came home with this wealth of knowledge as though I knew what the deal was and told my mom that I came from her tummy… she said I didn’t that I came from her heart.

How did you take the news? I took it hard. My mommy explains it that I took it hard and was confused… of course! I didn’t know what was what! Were you always curious about who your birth parents were? Yes I was curious, I more so wanted to know if I looked like them. It was important to me that I looked like someone that I fit in. I just wanted to know what I was.

What was growing up with your adopted parents like? It was wonderful. I had so much love. I would forget I was adopted most of the time. My mother sacrificed a lot for me and both my parents always made sure I had what I needed and wanted. Their love was always unconditional. Share the good and not-so-good times. Regular experience as much as a child can have. Good days and days when I was bad and I got into trouble.

When did you first know that you wanted to find your birth parents? When I was in college. I felt like I was emotionally going through a lot and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a mental illness. I felt like I wanted to know medically what was going on with me or what ran in my genes.

L to R: Larissa Lane, Ki Ki Brown, Randi James

What was the process like trying to find them? (contacting an agency, finding a family friend, social media…) It was pretty simple… my mom had known the name of the adoption agency she got me from and they were still up and running so my files were still there. I had to fill out some papers, send them in and within about 3 to 4 months… maybe longer I received the information about my birth mother. It included her name an address (was very old from 1994 I think) and all her medical records and some minor information about my birth father.

So after you hung up the phone with your birth mother (or person connecting you to your birth parents and family), what did you feel? After she responded to my FB message confirming that she was indeed my mother… well… when I found out, I was at work. I felt like my whole life flashed before my eyes. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t comprehend that this moment was real. That this woman who was a mystery to me was now nonfiction. She was real. And she wanted to talk to me!?!?! It was too much. I sped home and cried and cried and put on worship music and cried and then wrote a poem. Lol and then cried and then starred at the wall and then sat and then pulled myself together a bit to make the phone call… took me about 10 hours. The next day I cried some more.

How did your adopted parents take all this? Were they happy for you? Were they not so accepting? They were very happy for me… apprehensive, a little nervous because they want me to be safe, they didn’t want my heart to be hurt. But they were happy because I was happy and excited because I was excited, and in shock and a little sad. Sad because there was a new person a potentially a new family that has surfaced that would share me. I wasn’t only theirs now. I felt the same way. Also, my birth family has been so accepting of my mom and dad and want to know more of my family. They have been so kind and respectful and mindful of my parents and their feelings in all of this. I like that very much. Because to love me, know me, want me is to love, know and want my family…the ones who raised me and took care of me. I’m a packaged deal! And my birth family has been great with that.

Randi and birth mother

What was it about finding your birth parents/family so important to you? Knowing more of my identity. I am coming into completion of my natural self. Still so much to learn and grow as a person. But know part of where I come from biologically and that sheds light on to so many things spiritually as well.

Describe the first person you met when traveling to California to meet your family. My birth mother. Met her at a Starbucks with my mom.

What was it like meeting your birth mother for the first time? And your birth father? No birth father…yet. It was almost natural but unnatural to see my birth mother face to face. It was kinda like oh this is me, but not really, but kinda? It was awkward, but nice. A lot of starring involved.

What did you discover about yourself that you never knew before? That the love I am is not only nurture but nature. My mom and dad who adopted me love me so much, so so much, but my birth family are also so very loving. I see now I am love because it is something that both surrounded me and was in me.

Will you stay connected with your birth family? Most definitely. As much as they’d have me. I want it to grow and be whatever God wants it to be. I’m open, but I hope we grow closer. I want it to be genuine on my part and real. I don’t want to just be like, “oh we’re family because we have the same blood”, but because we have the same heart and goal for the relationship.

Now that you’re back home, how does your adopted family feel about all this? My mother and father are still in awe, happy that it all went well and are happy to get to know my birth family. They are following my lead, whatever I want to happen they are supporting me.

Were you able to ask all the questions you needed to? I honestly didn’t have many questions to ask. I just wanted to know where I came from, why she gave me up, and test the waters to see if there was a possibility of having a relationship of some kind. My birth mother really was very open so there wasn’t much for me to ask. She shared it all willingly. I appreciate her openness. How do you feel about that? I feel good. I know there is still a lot to learn about my birth mother and siblings and the rest of my family so I’m happy to explore that.

How are you feeling TODAY? Today I’m good… We’ll see what the future holds. I feel very at peace with everything. I don’t feel angry, I’m happy but not super ecstatic, I’m in awe with what God has done but not like shocked. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I don’t feel extreme feelings of anything. I’m just kind of going with the flow. So today is good we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

I’m not sure if you had a companion with you on your visit, but were you able to talk to anyone about all this before, during and after your visit? (outside of GOD and Facebook) Going to visit my birth mother and family, my mom came with me to first meet my birth mother in person and then my mom and dad came with me to meet my birth family. That made me very very happy having them both there. Because they are who I am also, and not having them there would nt have been as fulfilling.

L to R: Randi’s birth mother & grandmother, Randi and adopted mother

What was that like? (scary, exciting, numb…) I kind of felt like the Dr. Sues book “Are You My Mother?” thankfully I didn’t have to ask around to different women asking if they were my mother, but the idea of asking this woman who I perceived to be my mother, if she was my mother, was just weird. Lol I was nervous and felt very vulnerable. I didn’t know how she would respond and if she would want to know me or have me in her life. I didn’t know if the rest of her family new about me. I didn’t know what to think, if I even wanted to know here, if I even wanted a relationship with her. I think just in my heart I wanted to be known. And I wanted to know. And so now I do! As far as having people to talk to about everything,  I had friends that I shared what I was doing. My friend I talked about earlier who is also adopted, I talked with her the day that I decided to reach out to my birth mother and we talked about it and she encouraged me to look again. My other friend who is my prayer partner, I talked to her about it too she knew my story and encouraged me  as well along with some other group of very close friends and my mom of course!

What advice can you give to someone who is going through this process? Don’t try to figure it all out at once. Maybe before looking for your birth family spend time praying and asking God to give you discernment and strength. Don’t force yourself to decide if you want a relationship with them or not, just decide to be open to all possibilities without expecting anything except for God to be with you the whole time.

Does this open up a new appreciation for those parents who have decided to give their children up for adoption and those who adopt? This experience definitely helped me to see both perspectives more clearly and to have a bigger heart for the mother who would give up her child. And an appreciation for those mothers as well… because I could easily not be here at all. So praise God she decided to relinquish me into the arms of a mother who was ready and able to love on me. And to the mothers and fathers that adopt, what a selfless sacrificial love you have and a servants heart. I respect people who can and want to raise someone else’s child. May you be blessed! Also every situation is so different, every story is so unique that it’s hard to know what to say or do in any particular situation, but if anything all of this has helped me to see that we are all broken in need of love and that love inside us has the capacity to grow beyond what we could even imagine. Does this make you want to advocate for children who are still looking for a family? Yes!

Would you ever consider adopting a child, knowing what you’ve gone through? (I answered this in the second part of the last question but I’ll put it here! Lol) Yes! I plan on adopting/fostering children in the future. I’d also like to have children naturally as well. There’s enough love in me for everyone. 

Thank you Randi for sharing your story! If you are looking for your birth parents or want more information about adoption, click here.

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OMG! I’ve Become “That Chick”!


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So I’m realizing that I’m getting older and becoming that chick that even I used to talk about back in the day while pre-gaming with my girlfriends before we headed to the club. I can’t remember who she was but she was there. You know, the chick with the kids or the one without money or the one with the new man and had NO TIME for her girls. Yup! That’s me!

I was invited out last night and I became that chick that said “No girl! I’m tired. My body is aching and I just want to stay home and rest.” Then later I see all the fun pictures on social media; pissed I missed out! Yeah, I’m that chick. I can see that now.

But why was she (now me) so bad? What’s wrong with being home? You can eat all you want, drink all you want and do it all without a bra, in your favorite ripped up tank top and highwater sweatpants! Throw in a bottle of Pino and BAM! You gotta party! (high five….no?)

I’ve become that chick that would rather stay at home in that same attire, drinking my Pino (in a coffee cup though) and watching Dateline or First48 or something!

Here’s my reason: I work SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. I juggle a lot of duties as a CEO of my own company, programmer for an online radio station, part time radio personality, blogger, co-coordinator for two Facebook groups, mother, girlfriend, and dog owner. By the time I’m finished with my day (which starts at 4AM, by the way) all I want to do is crawl (literally) into my bed and go to sleep!

Who has the energy to race home, take a shower, paint your face, figure out what to wear (in which you’ll just throw on some jeans, tee shirt and cute boots) text your girls to ask “where are you?” and later find out they’re not ready and you have to wait another 30 minutes until you get that “let’s go” text. HASHTAG “Been there done that”!

I’m happy to say I’m not a spring chicken and I’m also not an “old biddie”. I enjoy nights out with friends; just in different settings. I love dinner parties (like the ones you see on TV) and I love to go out and get coffee after getting my nails done. I can do that with you or without you. I like sitting in my bed watching Sex in the City movies (I only like the first one) or catching up on The Mindy Project on HULU. What’s wrong with that?

So here I am, blogging about becoming that chick at 5:30 in the morning, sitting in my highwater sweats, hair bonnet, drinking an oversized cup of coffee and listening to my dog lick himself! Yup! That’s my life!

I’m safe, warm, not alone and I don’t have a hangover! Yeah, I could break habit and take my fun outdoors. Who couldn’t enjoy a night of long lines, drunk chicks fighting over her man this and his girl that, and sit in my seat all night boppin’ my head to some old school hip hop? I could pay way more than what I think a bottle of beer should cost or the $10 cover for a hole in a wall bar that has the best wings in town AND a jukebox! I could do that! Just not today! Maybe not tonight! I will though. I promise! (I’m saying this to myself)

Wrapping this thing up, it’s not so bad being that chick that just wants to stay at home. I’ve learned not to be that other chick looking down at her. She chooses another way of living and that’s OK. Next time you see her (me), she’ll (I’ll) have lots to talk about (past Dateline episodes), money to spend, and energy to waste!

Call me…no better yet text me…no…inbox me….send me a snap…no tweet me…nevermind! I’ll reach out to you when I’m ready!

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“You’re Here For A Reason”…So I’ve Been Told


I’ve been hearing that for about a year now from people at church, sorority, friends, family and associates. “You’re here for a reason” has been spoken over me close to 20 times a month. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but it’s alot!

It comes right after I say “Ok, why is this happening?” or “why am I here?” or “why me?”. Simple questions right? I thought so.

I link the response to me being where I am to my spiritual relationship. I know GOD makes ZERO mistakes and I know HE also has a plan over my life. I know that HE allows us to make our own decisions and we’re held accountable for them. We are given options and HE knows which options we choose. Why he lets us choose the wrong “door” is one question I hope to ask one day, but for now, I’ll continue to sit here in the peanut gallery, scratching my head and wondering why is why and why ask why and why not why…blah blah blah.

I’m not sure what your “whys” are but here are just a few of mine (don’t laugh):

  • Why can’t I finish what I started?
  • Why can’t I save money?
  • Why doesn’t anyone support my business?
  • Why am I not married yet?
  • Why am I stuck in this job and not where I need to be in my career?
  • What do I really want to do with my life? (i.e. run a non profit, run my marketing business, entertainment reporting on TV, start media chicks network officially, etc.)
  • Why am I in this relationship?
  • Why do I feel so alone?
  • Why is my business not making any money?
  • Why do I keep making the same mistakes?
  • Why am I not so confident in myself?
  • Why don’t I worship enough? Pray enough? Study enough?
  • Why am I so afraid?

Here is what’s been revealed to me:

We are where we are because we haven’t grown into that particular outfit created for that particular moment in our lives. I told someone yesterday that, like in college or high school, in order for us to graduate, we have to study hard (bible), pass our tests, and take all that we’ve learned and learn from them through our experiences. Does that make sense?  *shrugs* I don’t study the bible, but I do TRY HARD to read a few daily scriptures. I make sure I talk to GOD daily (in the car, walking the dog, in the shower or even on the toilet–He knows my heart) Unfortunatley, for me it’s not enough. I work with the social media ministry where I take pictures and post them online to keep the home body members up to date on the Sunday sermon and to make sure our church’s social media sites are current (and poppin)! So when I’m doing that, I’m not connecting with what’s really going on.

As far as my career, I want to continue on in the media but not in radio. I have decided to stop chasing an industry that doesn’t chase me. I want to continue my focus on reaching out to other women in the media (which explains this blog). I want to become a public speaker in hopes of one day presenting a Ted Talks, and I want to run a successful marketing business. Become a mentor. The generic ‘wants” are also on the list: getting married (to my SOUL MATE), travel around the world, become a feature anchor on The Today Show (I know, right?) and I want to have at least $10,000 saved in a savings account (that is one of the most challenging tasks for me).

I want to be successful in my business so that I don’t have to work a regular job. I want to grow in staff and clientele and create a positive reputation in the community that will give me confidence and allow me to take care of my needs as well as my family. Grinding is one step (I’m a pro at that) but when does the breakthrough come? I’ve read stories about 13 year old girls who became multi-million dollar CEO’s because she took her wagon filled chocolate chip cookies to the right hotel lobby and sold it to the right tycoon and BOOM, she was rich! My goal isn’t to be rich…just successful!

Some people close to me told me to reach out to a life coach (done) but does that help? Will they really know what I need? Will they be around me 24/7 like the paparazzi on the Kardashians? And do I want that?

My elder said to me in church service that “God is watching me closely.” What does that mean? I wanted to ask her but I didn’t (referring back to the “why am i so afraid” question).

Sometimes God Speaks By Saying Nothing

I have a dog who keeps me busy and loves me unconditionally. Will this be my relationship that fulfills my life with joy instead of a beautiful man with the body of a Greek God? Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend but for some reason, I feel empty. He loves me (tells me serveral times a day) and he wants to be with me all the time BUT I want more. I have lived alone. I have lived with boyfriends. I can do both; it doesn’t matter to me honestly. Sometimes, I wish I was back to living alone (with my dog) so I can do what I want and not worry about anything. That didn’t work out so well in the past. (refers to the quesion “why can’t I save money?”)

I’m blabbing but I’m dead serious. What am I doing here? I get up at 4AM to walk Beau, schedule music segments for my online radio station (Urban Media Today Radio), I work on content for my clients (Nice 2 Media Marketing), show prep for my radio show (my actual job) and after my shift, I go home to start the next day. THIS IS EVERY DAY!

I used to work out. Lost 20lbs. But life happened…so GOD gave them back (ok, it wasn’t GOD).

Steve Harvey says we should Jump toward the things we love. I get it but when I hear it coming from a successful RICH black man who hosts like 10 television shows, vacations DAILY on some resort while smoking a Cuban cigar hand rolled by some village kid, I find myself not believing in it so much. I trust what he’s saying is true; it worked for him! Unfortunately, stuff in my life is so crazy, I don’t know if the ground I’m landing on will be there when I do jump!


So to get myself out of this rut (I think that’s how it’s spelled), I have reached out to a few church friends (15-20 years younger than me) asking them to kinda be a guide for me; inviting me to outings and keep me focused on my spiritual goals (they agreed). I reached out to a life coach whom I know from years back and she said she is willing to help me (not for free though). I also talked to a fellow media chick who owns a public speaking coaching business (another investment). The good news is, I made a smart decision to work on getting the answers to the burning question “why am I here”. I have no idea if it will help (yet) but hopefully, I’ll find out before I’m 50 (that gives me 6 years).

I’m on this Diane Lane, Under The Tuscan Sun, Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray Love type ride right now. Both movies (my favorite, by the way) ended on a good note. Maybe mine wil too!

Thanks for letting me get this out! I pray all the best for you and that you find out why you’re here. Share what you’ve done to answer that question. It can be helpful to others, I’m sure.


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I Am Whole Mentoring Program For Young Ladies Coming To Pittsburgh


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I met a young lady a few months ago through a business contact and I was amazed by her excitement when she was sharing with me her vision about a new non profit she had been working on called I Am Whole Mentoring. That young lady was Maryilyn Hornsby (pictured below in the center), the Founder and CEO of I AM Whole Mentoring.


The mentoring program is for young women ages 15-25 in the city of Pittsburgh who are longing for mentoring (of course), extended education assistance, job readiness, etiquette, and so much more!

The organization hosted a recruitment and informational in Pittsburgh in July and hosted over 25 aspiring mentors and mentees who are looking forward to starting the new Fall season with some informative events and projects.


I’m excited to see something like this come to the city for our young ladies. For years, I’ve been thinking of starting a non profit (and I will…when I have enough time) and although this concept has been duplicated over and over by so many people, I Am Mentoring is a personal venture from one woman who saw a need to supply the right resources to women not just of younger ages, but those older and more mature who are also struggling to find a happy medium.

If you would like more information, become a mentor or mentee, email


Make sure you support Mrs. Hornsby and I AM Whole Mentoring. It’s a wonderful thing and our young ladies really could use more good mentors, don’t you think?

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  • Twitter & Instagram @IAMWhole2017

This Chick Is Moving On Up!


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2016-0035.jpgOn top of all the other things I’m handling in my day to day routine (CEO of Nice 2 Media Marketing & Promotions, LLC and now afternoon personality for WAMO100, Pittsburgh), I am now music & content coordinator for an online station called Urban Media Today Radio; a product of Urban Media Today online magazine.

The station is an Urban AC music format that includes music, entertainment reporting, sports (coming soon) and finance commentary (also coming soon). It’s not as easy as one would seem it is but I really like it! I hope you will too!

You can find the online station via Live365 online or through the free app which Urban Media Today also carries on iPhone and Android.


Radio bannaer.jpg

I’ve always wanted to program a station so this is a dream come true for me. One that is extremely challenging as well as super fun!

If you’re ever in need of checking out a new UrbanAC station online, log onto and let me know what you think by emailing me at!

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Wait! Whet??? Kendu Wants MJB To Pay How Much In Spousal Support?


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I’m not sure if you agree but I don’t think Kendu (Mary J. Blige’s soon to be ex-husband) deserves any type of settlement, but obviously a divorce court judge might feel he does.

The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Kendu Isaacs WANTS MJB to pay HIM (yes…she has to pay HIM) $100K a month in spousal support.

Are you ready for this? Here is the list of necessities in order for him to live a NORMAL life (post Mary):

The items include: $5,000 a month to support his parents, $4,971 for two children from a past relationship, $1,200 he pays on eating out and the $60,000 in rent he owes to several properties, $2,500 on auto expenses and transportation, $5,708 for a housekeeper and maintenance on his properties and another $1,723 on groceries.

My recommendation, he should start prepping his food on Sunday’s like I do and pitch a Back To Life…Back To Reality TV show with Mike Epps’ ex-wife since clearly they have the same goals in life! #THIRSTY

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#LipSync4Lupus Challenge With Baltimore’s Most Talented TV and Radio Personalities


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2014-06-10 06.31.52

Ever sit in the car, listening to your favorite singer or rapper (whatever you listen to) and imagine you’re them, live on stage, hitting all the notes and making all the facial expressions? Yeah! Me too!

Jimma Fallon started something with the Tonight Show LipSync challenge! Then the phenom continued with the LipSync Challenge show, hosted by LL Cool J! That show is amazing! Celebs from film, television, music and everything else take the stage and live out their fantasies while performing a lipsync routine of their favorite songs; competing for the title of champion (I guess they get a trophy or money to a charity).

That is what I thought about one day while driving home from work listening to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”. Why not have a lipsync challenge that benefits a very important charity?

So I put some ideas together and contacted my good friend Vanessa Payne, who is currently living with lupus and has a foundation and event in support of Lupus Awareness.


With no questions asked, LipSync 4 Lupus was born! We pitched the idea to Lupus Research Alliance and Bill Bateman’s Bistro and they were so excited to hear there will be an event to help raise money for research!

Bateman’s Bistro has agreed to donate 20% of everything sold that night (drinks/dinner) to Lupus Research Alliance. Awesome right?

Baltimore news anchors and radio personalities have formed teams to perform some old school, new school and surprise routines on September 13th at Bill Bateman’s in Reisterstown from 6P to 9P.

Talent like Patrice Sanders (FOX 45), Konan and Persia Nicole (92Q Jams), Gina & Greg (Today’s 101.9), Jammer Daniels (MIXX 106.5), Poet (WPGC) and more! Hosted by Scott Garceau (105.7 The Fan), Priestly (MIXX 106.5)! 

Join us on Tuesday, September 13th! It’s for a great cause and some of your favorite news anchors will be taking the stage!


TEAM RADIO I: Gina & Greg of Today’s 101.9, Poet WPGC and Jammer MIXX 1065


TEAM RADIO II: Persia Nicole & Konan and Lil’ Black of 92Q and Stretch of WKYS and Tiara Latriece of DTLR Radio


TEAM TV: Patrice Harris Traffic Jam Jimmy, & Tom Rodgers (FOX45), Vanessa Herring (WBAL TV) and Nicki Mayo (TV One) 



promo pic 3

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#MediaChicksRock Luncheon The Start Of A Movement


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media chicks (Media Chicks Luncheon, 2016)


I’ve always been one to support my fellow females in the media. If they’re traffic anchors, radio pesonalities, producers, television, newspaper (print), or social media, we all work hard and deserve the same amount of respect and support as anyone else in this industry.

So, I figured why not show my ladies in the media (I call them Media Chicks) some love by inviting them to a private luncheon where we can share strories on how we got started, who motivates us, and so much more.

Vanessa Herring

(Ki Ki and WBAL’s own Vanessa Herring) 

In attendance were news anchors from WJZ and WMAR in Baltimore as well as WBAL TV, Radio One, TV One, Metro Traffic, Total Traffic & Weather, Radio One and CBS radio/TV.


Sharing lunch with these women was an amazing experience not just for me but for anyone looking to start a career in the industry. I’ve received advice from news veteran Kelly Swoop (WMAR) and Ashley James (WMAR) about what to expect when starting a career in television.

Nicki Mayo

(Ki Ki and Nicki Mayo go dress shopping) 

Nicki Mayo (TV One, Associated Press and President of Black Association of Black Journalists) helped me learn some pretty “bloat” appropriate poses when taking pics and wearing the right “newscaster wrap dress”.

Ki Ki and Kelly Swoop

(Ki Ki & ABC 2’s own Kelly Swoop take a selfie #MediaChicksLuncheon)

I’ve learned a lot that day and plan on doing activities like this one more often. I encourage you to do the same for others in your industry of choice. It helps get to know those you work with and learn more from them. It will help you gain a little more respect and figure out if this is where you really want to be.

Salute to all the media chicks in the entire industry! You are appreciated!


2014-06-10 06.31.52

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Headed To A Theater Near You: One on One w/ Kimia Workman (Actress/Dancer)

Introducing Miss Kimia Workman (Actress/Dancer) [KNOW THIS NAME]


2014-06-10 06.31.52

Kimia Workman entered a contest hosted by 92Q Jams (Baltimore) for a chance to host a portion of the Stone Soul festival and let me say SHE DID THAT!

Kimia Workman, Sheffield Institute graduate and former intern for 92Q, showed up at Druid Hill Park on time, without an entourage, and ready to work! She did so well, she received an internship with 92Q Afternoon jock, Konan and worked as a board operator for Radio One, Baltimore.

Her path has changed as she is now concentrating solely on becoming an actress; working in dramatic short films, stage plays and music videos.

Kimia not only acts but she dances and models! She’s THAT CHICK!

I can’t wait for that one day, I’m at a movie theater and I see my girl Kimmie on the screen featured as the main character or supporting actress in a major film! It’s going to happen!…

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