The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (DEC 5): Tame Your Cat! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

We got fan mail from a guy who is frustrated with this girlfriend of 3 years for denying him sex shortly after she had surgery and not feeling very confident about her body.

This Radio Chick Rocks with J. Christin Fields [VIDEO]

The main character, Kai is very curious to know if any of his family members (including the cat) can smell what he smells. Throughout his adventure, Kai realizes that his inquisitiveness is unique and only one person understands that. His mom.

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO

This week, LaShawn, Gerri, and Ki Ki are joined by two powerful women in the media and medicine, Kimberly Callaway and Paige Mitchell. The ladies discuss black hair vs COVID 19 (the struggle is real), how a woman is looking for a new man while her current man fights for his life in the hospitalContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO”

ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Brandi “Inarbi Nicole” Brown, Baltimore Stylist and Businesswoman [VIDEO]

If anyone knows Brandi personally, then you know she never settles for mediocre. She will do whatever she has to do (except compromise her or her family’s integrity and reputation) to take care of those she loves and continue building her empire. She’s definitely that BOSS CHICK!

My One On One w/ Comedian/Actor Marlon Wayans [VIDEO]

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of “chopping it up” with a very talented actor and comedian who has no problem making everyone in the building (on our floor) very uncomfortable. Little did I (we) know, he was chopping us DOWN! Marlon Wayans is not shy from the camera nor is he oneContinue reading “My One On One w/ Comedian/Actor Marlon Wayans [VIDEO]”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 18, 2020 [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Hey Girl Hey Podcast has a new episode!!! Listen LIVE every Saturday at 9:30A on Live365 (Official) & TuneIn Radio streaming apps! (Search Urban Media Today)! This week, the ladies talked about: Yung Joc’s new job as an Uber Driver (why do we think less of someone by the type of job they have?) AreContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 18, 2020 [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

#UrbanHangSuiteExclusive: One On One w/ Baltimore’s Own Ashley T. Moore

  It was our first “official’ encounter but I had met Miss Ashley T. Moore before in passing at a function at DTLR to promote a new Uggs footwear line. She smiled. I smiled. And that was that. I didn’t think I’d see Ashley again until she agreed to sit down with me for myContinue reading “#UrbanHangSuiteExclusive: One On One w/ Baltimore’s Own Ashley T. Moore”

The “OMG! Did You Know” Chick: One on One w/ Poet “Poe” Taylor

You can hear her on WPGC in the morning cracking jokes and revealing some crazy news about this celebrity or you can find her tweets that startle you with the opening line “OMG!” or “Did you know?” or “Have you heard?” (genius by the way). Poet Taylor is one of those radio chicks that canContinue reading “The “OMG! Did You Know” Chick: One on One w/ Poet “Poe” Taylor”