The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Sept 19): Boss Chick Guilt [AUDIO/VIDEO]

This week, we discuss the hot topics from Cardi B filing for divorce to AG Bill Barr comparing COVID 19 to slavery! Plus, how Boss Chick Guilt is really a thing!

The “Make It Happen Mogul Mommy”: One On One w/ Mugure Crawford

She’s the chick you HAVE to talk to when you want to talk to the boss! She’s the chick the boss refers you to when he doesn’t want to talk to you. She’s powerful, she’s insightful, intelligent, and extremely powerful (wait, I said that already, didn’t I?) Her name is Mugure Crawford. What’s that? You’veContinue reading “The “Make It Happen Mogul Mommy”: One On One w/ Mugure Crawford”