Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 18, 2020 [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Hey Girl Hey Podcast has a new episode!!! Listen LIVE every Saturday at 9:30A on Live365 (Official) & TuneIn Radio streaming apps! (Search Urban Media Today)!

This week, the ladies talked about:

  • Yung Joc’s new job as an Uber Driver (why do we think less of someone by the type of job they have?)
  • Are you a B. A. N.? (B*tch A$$ Ni&&a): you or someone you know might qualify
  • Surviving the Narcissist: are you one? Are you married to one? Do you even know?
  • The confession that will get you into heaven is…


For the full audio, click here:


Video Clips: Segment One “Judging Joc’s New Job”: 


Video Clip Two: Are You A B.A.N.? (B*tch A$$ Ni&&a):


Video Clip Three: Are You A Narcissist? 


Video Clip Four: The Confession/Lie To Get You Into Heaven


Make sure you check in with us every Saturday at 9:30AM on Live365 and Tune In Radio (Search Urban Media Today)! Find past episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and Anchor FM. For more information on the Hey Girl Hey Podcast, log onto http://www.UrbanMediaToday.com.


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